Our services

Import Section

EMAAR MISR international has been able to operate in various sectors. Thanks to our clear strategies and intelligent goals, we have achieved a great success in various areas, including import services. We provide the highest efficiency and the best possible price. We also have a team of experts in the field, who have always worked to serve our clients eansuring their best satisfaction.

Real estate development

Accurate knowledge of the real state market, enjoyed by Emaar MISR internation, and having a team of expertise in conducting feasibility studies, has allowed us to develop large projects in a way that takes into account the requirements of the market, at the same time simulating the modern global developments in the field of construction and property development. Success is our ally!


EMAAR MISR international is your best option, whether you are a fan of classical or fashionable modern decorations! We have a creative team of engineers and specialists in the field who are able to carry out various kinds of decorations in a very attractive and high-end manner, using the latest techniques and methods necessary for accurate execution. Accordingly, you can stay assured to receive your unit as you dream of it, perfectly on time!


Emaar Misr international is always able to provide modern and innovative architectural design services. We have every potential to meet the different requirements of our clients. We are not only mastering real estate development, but also excelling in modern architectural designs for both interior and exterior domains.
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